Conrad Gloos

    Princeton, NJ



    609-945-0794 fax



I am searching for clients with problems - big problems.

There's nothing I like more than being handed the seemingly unsolvable photographic problem; the one that requires a solution that forces me to think out of the box. That's what gets my creative juices flowing.

Like the time I was invited to provide a poster image for a well-known printing press manufacturer. (case history #1)

Or like when I was asked to cover Hurricane Andrew for a major insurance company,

(case history #2)

See, it's not all that hard to understand. I have over twenty years of experience as a corporate/industrial photographer to apply to coming up with innovative solutions. And they look great, too.

One client calls me a photographic designer. She was referring to my love for line, shape and texture. Another client calls me a storyteller. He gives me long-term projects like annual reports and business-to-business brochures to develop a special look for him. Another client invites me to photograph real workers in their environments. I love shooting real people. It comes naturally to me.

The proof is the in the portfolio. See if the enclosed samples whet your appetite. And if you like, you may tell me your problems. I can help you make them go away.